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CB radio hate wavs from jackson michigan 02/03 and ying yang activity
The Control presents:

"the best of 02 & 03 pure hate and the Redneck rampage"

Ying yang levels:

Hash and trash:
ying yang skip monitor by

Click on image below for Jackson scanner and MURS

Listen live scanner and MURS

We found a picture of Megaman and Nail driver when they were kids, the little snotballs just got done messing with truckers, Big john was babysitting them that day.
we are the badasses of that radio, audio smack

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I-I_I__I_ don't want y-y-you I_I_I_ want d-d-d-double trouble a-a-aah no i don't w-w-wwell you know what i mean there nail driver ! -funny Bunny (roger rabbit)

The clown  calling Hitler, OUR FUHRER or sometimes OUR DADDY  saluted the Swastika flag,  the Haile Hitler greeting, and 
celebrated Hitler's 51st birthday by singing praises to him on Sabbath and doing balloon tricks and also playing Bozo's favorite party game called hide the hotdogs, April 20, 1940 !

Sorry big john!!! someone help call the cops big john is going to kick my ass! -Gump

They calls me the Catfish and Daddy he's my good friend, it's nice having friends like daddy they treat me right baby!

rated B for bull shit

The 31 triangle gang click here for their webpage

The current alert level is:
Yin Yang warning

Yin Yang advisory system

Bozo's CB radio circus

Hello Lotlizards weirdos, got some good yang yang for ya. fresh off the CB radio in jackson michigan. before you click on the sound files, remember this is the CB and some big potty mouthing has been done. So if you donít want to hear people getting stuck on stupid and yelling the F- word, please leave.

The hate and discontent wavs
This is only an actor.  No real yang yang happend in this image
Heck i lost a really good cassette tape of hate and discontent. i might find it ya never know. hey if you have a CB wav send it to me click here to email me. Click on the sound links below, sidewalk sissy! due to increased traffic, if you would like to get a crap load of hits on your site from linking to this site, plans are available for under $2000 a week. contact me here

Nail driver telling someone to kiss their ass good bye

Catfish talking to Booger

Booger talking about assholes

Catfish saying inbred

Someone saying their famous line

Rug in the bug talking to catfish

R bug saying :something about IQ

A mudduck saying cock****ers

The Clown
And the potty mouth award for 2002 goes out to: The Clown
Since i had an over load of the Clown wavs, they are now in their own section

The Clown saying something gay

Clown getting up set saying: f**k you all.

You know who saying: f**k you fat ass

In this one, he says he'll kick some butt

Clown talking about killing someone

He's ready to meet in this one

895 talking about fat rolls

The clown talking about shooting someone

In this one he says all you do is stuter

Talking about stomping ass

The clown saying: I will kill you bitch

Mad about the birds

Clown saying : you are going to find out

Anal Biter
hello i suck big trucker peater.  and your Done!
This dude likes to get drunk and stupid on the radio.
And that's a good thing, because it means more wavs.
He has also been nominated for yang yanger of the year.

Nail driver talking about a body bag

The naildriver talking to skip land

In this one he is using proper CB edict

Nail driver saying he will choke someone

Here he is talking about raping a man

Naildiver's talking about the clown in this one

He's yelling at a little punk in this one

The Brooklyn nailbitter saying: go back to florida

nail driver being a big bird

in this one he's calling someone gay

No more arm wrestling
once again this is only an actor, no real coax was cut in this image

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Control CB Wavs is a satirical CB site published by The Control CB Club. The Control CB Club is not responsible for violence the takes place because of yin yang. The Control CB Club uses nicknames on all its parodies, except in cases when public CB yin yang figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. At this time no Clowns have been hurt in the making of this site. The content of this website graphics, text and other elements is © Copyright 2007 by The Control CB Club, and may not be republished or retransmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher.

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